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Is Buying an Essay Online Plagiarism?

Buying Essays Online


If you want a short answer, no. Buying an essay online isn’t plagiarism if you choose a reliable writing service. There are websites where people aren’t professional writers or just copy someone else’s work and sell it. Such services are a pure scam, that’s why it’s important to choose one wisely.

In case you want to buy an essay online safe from experts and excluding plagiarism, pick a service e.g. where specialists in your subject will apply their knowledge and experience to create a wonderful piece of academic writing for you.

Here, we’ll see what plagiarism is, exactly why buying essays online doesn’t mean plagiarizing, and how to choose a trustworthy service.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying someone else's intellectual or other creation and selling or handing it in as your own. If you steal your friend’s term paper and hand it in as yours, this will be plagiarism.

It’s a real plague of modern times because of the Internet. While it’s an amazing source of knowledge, there are also a lot of databases and libraries that sell or provide papers by other people for free. Some students might be tricked into getting such a paper and handing it in.

Professors can check any paper for authenticity. And if yours has a certain percentage of plagiarised material, that will be a problem. That’s why there are two main ways out:

  • Writing papers yourself;

  • Ordering them from a professional online writing service.

But if a writer is the owner of the essay, how comes buying such a paper isn’t plagiarism?

Why Buying Essays Online Isn’t Plagiarism?

When you buy an academic paper, it’s written for you. The writer gives their credit to you, so basically, the paper is yours. 

Use it for the basis of your own essay to make sure the result satisfies both yourself and your professor. A professionally written paper provides many benefits, including:

  • A fresh look at the topic you’re struggling with;

  • Proper answers to all the question your paper states;

  • A proper structure that will teach you how to outline papers;

  • Great transitions from one point to another that will make your papers more wholesome in the future;

  • A backup for all the cases when you have no energy or time to write a paper before the deadline.

There’s a plethora of advantages, so make sure you choose a service or two that will be your support team during the hard times. Lots of topics might seem too difficult for you, but after reading a high-quality paper on it, you’ll get all the answers!

How to Choose a Proper Essay Writing Service?

There are thousands of writing services online. Some specialize only in essays or term papers, or even dissertations. Others have a focus on a particular subject.

You can also find a general writing service that will help you with any kind of paper, no matter the discipline, topic, and difficulty level. However, the most important factor is the reliability of the service. It’s comprised of:

  • Affordable prices;

  • Good customer reviews;

  • Convenient payment options;

  • Satisfying results;

  • Effective customer support;

  • Easy of order;

  • Samples.

Look for a service that has all of those. For that, go online and write “essay writing service”. You’ll get a lot of results to choose from. Take the sites you liked and investigate them. Read all the important pages like Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions. Look for reviews online by other students; maybe there are some drawbacks you won’t know about before receiving the result.

Contact the support teams of the companies you’re interested in for extra information. Then, Narrow down the list to 1-3 leading services!

Making Sure The Service Doesn’t Sell Plagiarized Papers

Here are some quick tips about making sure you get a 100% unique essay:

  • Check it with an online tool.

    There are lots of online tools that can detect plagiarism in academic papers and articles. There’s also software that can do a deeper search. Keep in mind that some parts might seem plagiarized, like quotes. If they are properly formatted, this won’t be a problem.

  • Contact the service for a revision if something is wrong.

    If you have concerns as to the authenticity of the paper, most services are ready to provide a free revision. Don’t hesitate to apply for it; this will make sure you get a high-quality paper that is 100% authentic.

  • Write your own paper on the basis of what you get.

    The best paper is the one written by you. It brings the most experience and teaches you important skills. Take the essay you order as a basis for a properly structured, well-written paper. 

To Conclude

Buying high-quality academic papers from reliable services isn’t plagiarism. The most important thing here is to choose a platform that provides good results and doesn’t sell pre-written papers.

Avoid downloading essays from free services and never hand them in. They might not be of high-quality, the facts might be false, and the style of writing - too easy or too difficult for your level. Teachers and professors notice such inconsistencies and check the paper, finding out it’s plagiarized.

Instead, try to write all essays yourself or order them online from trustworthy services. There, a writer who’s knowledgeable with your topic and the level of writing needed for the grade you’re in will create a paper that will get you an A!

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