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[Answer] At what time frame was this in?

Answer: The Monroe Doctrine vowed to keep the United States out of European internal affairs and wars.

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At what time frame was this in? Reconstruction era (the United States 1865–1877) (Some of this time period is known as the “Old West”) Gilded Age (the United States 1875–1900) Progressive Era (the United States the 1890s–1920s) Jazz Age (the United States the 1920s–1930s) Information Age (United States 1970–present) Modern age; Postmodern age; Southeast Asian periods China unified once again during this period for the first time in almost 400 years. 590: September 3: Gregory the Great becomes Pope. The missionary work reached new levels during his pontificate revolutionized the way of worship for the Catholic Church (Gregorian chant) liturgy etc. and was soon canonized after his death. 597: Augustine ... List of time periods - Wikipedia Timeline of Star Trek - Wikipedia List of time periods - Wikipedia Chronology of the Bible - Wikipedia Roddenberry says in this book that the stardate system was invented to avoid pinning down the show precisely in time frame . Roddenberry's original pitch for the series dated it "'somewhere in the future. It could be 1995 or maybe even 2995". Early chronologies Lange Max' world's largest gun fires for the first time from Koekelare to Dunkirk (±50 km). June 30 Politics: Greece declares war on the...


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