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[Answer] On average, what percentage of cats are not affected by catnip?

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On average, what percentage of cats are not affected by catnip?

  • 33%:Scientists call the plant Nepeta Cataria, which translates to "cat mint" in Latin. The common name for it is "catnip." The plant is native to Asia and Europe, but is grown all over the world today. In a nutshell, catnip is a "happy plant" for cats. It contains nepetalactone, an organic compound that is quite attractive to cats. It's more the smell than the taste that attracts the cat, and not all cats find catnip so appealing. The love of catnip is a hereditary trait among the felines, and about 33% of cats, on average, are unaffected by it. Some estimates put the number of unaffected as low as 20% and some as high as 50%, but the average works out to about one in three cats getting no buzz at all from catnip. Source:

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