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Throughout life, a person adapts to new and constantly changing surroundings: place of residence, studies, work, friends, laws, etc. It is believed that it is in college that an individual acquires the most important communication and other skills that make life, study or work easier for him or her. Some students study and even give extra homework help to earn some money or just gain experience. Some students do nothing and just live and enjoy life.

Skills that help make life easier for a student

Each of us has lived our years in our own way and has faced the fact that at least once in his life he had to get out of a difficult situation, somehow wriggle out of something to avoid and other things. For example, a student may try to postpone taking a term paper for review or postpone defense (but only for a good reason).

Specialists are ready to consider the basic habits, skills, and abilities of students that will allow them to stay "afloat" in any situation.


Trick No. 1. Blood donation

Trick No. 2. Email failure or inattention

Trick #3. Death or birth

Trick #4. Instructor bias

Artifice #5. Fracture

Trick #6. A heartfelt confession.

Subterfuge #1. Blood Donation.

A hard day ahead, a test or an inspection at work. How to avoid it? It turns out that there is a quite legal option - blood donation. It is enough to take your passport, health insurance policy and go to a blood transfusion or blood donation center.

A good reason for a student

By law, such a noble gesture is rewarded with an extra day off, exemption from classes. Moreover, if everything is normal with your tests (hemoglobin, protein, etc.), blood is taken, you will be offered to drink sweet tea after the procedure and even pay a small amount of money.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to use this method often because of the peculiarities of body regeneration.

Trick #2. Email failure or inattention

If your teacher insists that you e-mail him your term paper, thesis or other work for review as soon as possible, and you haven't yet had a chance to do it, you can buy yourself some time. To do this, you can send a blank email, and then cite that you did not notice that the file is not attached. You can also send a deliberately faulty file, which no one can open, and the work was sent, and it's not your fault it was not sent or not opened.

Keep in mind that this method will allow you to win at most a couple of days, and when the teacher's questions you will have to turn on the "acting", demonstrating surprise.

Trick #3. Death or birth

Remember, thoughts are material. So do not lie about the fact that you have a deceased relative. It's immoral and quite scary. If you decide to lie about someone's death, be prepared to show the death certificate.

The best thing to say is a pleasant and at the same time quite respectable occasion, such as the birth of a nephew, brother/sister, etc. Just keep in mind that the birth of close relatives (sister, brother) can be easily verified. You can also say that you did not have time to prepare, because of the wedding of your best friend (where you were a witness), force majeure (natural disasters, etc.).

Trick #4. The teacher's addiction.

We are not talking about alcohol or other negative habits, but rather about sports preferences, artistic or other pictures. For example, you did not have time to finish the project because of a soccer match (bright teams played, the match was interesting and important, decisive), an interesting melodrama, etc. The main thing is to take into account the teacher's preferences and try to put pressure on them. Then it is possible that instead of a remark you will pay to discuss yesterday's program.

Trick #5. Fracture

This is the most unreliable and desperate case, but quite effective. If it doesn't work at all, you can buy time by breaking a finger, arm, or so forth. Learn that it is important not to overdo it here, as compound fractures are subject to long recovery times and contribute to physical limitations.

Exemption for health reasons.

With a fracture, the student is excused from classes and therefore it is possible for a good reason not to turn in the ill-fated work in a timely manner. But at the same time, no one released him from it completely. At the end of the "sick leave" will have to pass and defend the project.

Trick #6. Sincere confession.

This is the most honest way: confess to the teacher, tell about the real reasons for unpreparedness: overslept, skipped school, forgot, lost on the computer, etc. Of course, this fact will not cause respect, but you will suffer a deserved punishment, and surely the teacher will appreciate your honesty and give a chance to rehabilitate.

As the popular wisdom says: Measure twice and cut once. Before you apply any of the above methods, consider: is it worth it? Try to submit all projects and assignments on time. Use small tricks and tricks wisely, so that in the future it will not affect your reputation and grades.

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