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[Answer] The Question: What is an antonym for “hispid”?

Answer: The Answer: The correct answer is Sleek.

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The Question: What is an antonym for “hispid”? The Question: What is an antonym for “hispid ”? Stunted. Seared. Sleek. Sedate. The Answer: The correct answer is Sleek. Post navigation. Synonyms for hispid in Free Thesaurus . Antonyms for hispid . 12 words related to hispid : animal animate being beast creature fauna brute plant life flora plant ... Hispid definition is - rough or covered with bristles stiff hairs or minute spines. How to use hispid in a sentence. Becoming plane vermillion-red externally paler hispid towards the margin with straight black hairs. adjective. Botany Zoology. Covered with stiff hair or bristles. ‘The anthers are villous and the ovary is densely hispid .’. More example sentences. ‘Smart money was riding on the...


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