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[Answer] What is the primary food source for a stoat?

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What is the primary food source for a stoat?

  • Rabbit:A stoat is a small mammal in the same family as weasels, otters, ferrets, minks, badgers, wolverine, skunks, and polecats. They are also known as ermine or short-tailed weasel. They call just about all of mainland Britain their home. Stoats most closely resemble a weasel, with the stoat being considerably larger and sporting a distinctive black tip on its tail. They have an excellent sense of smell, hearing, and sight, which helps them considerably when they're on the hunt. They are excellent climbers and very agile. They are also strong swimmers, capable of crossing large rivers if they so desire. Stoats are carnivores, with their primary food source the rabbit. Though rabbits are usually several times the stoat's own weight, they are formidable hunters, capable of speeds of 20 miles per hour. Source:

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